1. When should we call DAKROI?
A: Always, always, always call us first. No problem or request is too small. Call us before you make any decisions or purchases and take advantage of our expertise and experience with FREE evaluations, recommendations, estimates and quotes. One phone call can potentially avoid hours of work, returns and setbacks saving you money.
  1. What’s the benefit of purchasing hardware from DAKROI?
A. DAKROI has taken the time to make sure that the hardware that we sell is the best that your money can buy. Unlike the “big box” stores and on-line retailers, who put whatever is cheapest today in their systems, our systems are built to our exact specifications. We make sure that only name brand quality parts make up DAKROI systems.
  1. Why backup on-line off-site? Doesn’t that mean my data is “out there”?
A: We understand your concerns. Here are the facts. Traditional backup that occurs on-site is almost never taken off-site (outside the building) on a  regular basis. So at best we consider this a “copy”. Disaster Recovery is most effective when your data is recoverable. On-line off-site takes your data and packetizes it (breaks it into little pieces) , encrypts it (secures it), then sends the pieces up out to the servers located far away in a secure site that requires many levels of security to access and many redundancies including being backed up to another equally secure site. Also you are able to have a larger data retention. Many times we can go back several versions of data for recovery.
  1. What’s the difference between viruses, spyware, malware, etc?
A: Computer viruses - a computer program that can copy itself onto a computer without the permission or knowledge of the user. Viruses could be introduced to your computer from a disk, flash drive, CD, the network or the internet. 
Computer worms - are similar to a computer virus but a worm can "self replicate" itself to other computers throughout a computer network without any user involvement.
Trojan Horse - Just like the mythological Trojan Horse, these programs appear to be useful free downloads but when you download them to your computer you also install other unwanted and malicious programs onto your system.  Trojans could thus be used to install all kinds of malware onto your computer.
Spyware - Malware that is downloaded to your computer with the purpose of tracking or recording the user's activities without the user's consent.  Such malicious software could be used to log keystrokes to get passwords, or just track internet search histories to target pop-up advertisements.
Adware - Some free downloads from the internet will ask the user for consent to install spyware software on the users computer as part of the download agreement.  Such software is usually referred to as adware instead of spyware since the user has given consent to be tracked in exchange for some free software.
  1. What is DAKROI Managed Services?
A: DAKROI Managed Services (DMS) is a way for you to budget your IT costs. For a fixed monthly fee we monitor your entire enterprise. We monitor all of your systems and network 24/7 and if there is a problem we know about it, often before you do. DMS has many tools that run to keep your system protected and clean of many of the attacks that come daily to your network. With DMS we bring your uptime (productive working time) to 99.99%. Call for details and a free quote.
  1. Do we need a full time IT Person on staff?
A: Often most companies do not need a full time IT person on staff. We are able to get your network up and running at peak performance. After that it is up to either DMS to maintain that performance or simply call when you have questions or needs. For those that do, we are a wonderful backup to that person if they still need time off, get sick, etc. That is usually when you have your biggest issues. Let us cover those times so that you don’t have to deal with that kind of issue.
  1. What is your response time?
A. Our response time is based on the severity of the issue, technician availability, and schedule. We do our best to see to your issue as quickly as possible. Taking into account the above mentioned triage points.
  1. What is “cloud computing”?
A. Cloud computing is the future of technology. Most people already use some form of it and don’t even realize it. It simply means that you are using a web enabled device to access data stored on a centralized server not at your location. Web mail is a great example of this. Accessible globally from any web device; your PC at work or home, your laptop at a coffee shop, or your cell phone on the go!  This is growing out to all forms of computing so that the end user can access the same data anywhere any time.
  1. Do you work on Mac’s or just PC’s?
A: We work on everything, Mac’s, PC’s Linux, Novell, just to name a few. While we aren’t just a computer technology company, it does make up the majority of our work.
  1.  How can I be sure my data is truly destroyed?
A: Over the years we have seen and heard many interesting solutions to this issue. We also have horror stories about those who simply did nothing to protect themselves before disposing of their old equipment and the data on it. We use two forms of data destruction to ensure that your data is not gong to be accessible ever again. (No, not even by the folks on CSI).