We at DAKROI believe that every situation is different, there is no "ONE" fix to any problem and every computer user is unique and requires solutions that fit how they work.  Recognizing that technology is no longer just about computers but has extended into all facets of life, our aim is to offer services and products for all your technology needs.

It is our pledge to give you services and software that are set up correctly so that they are user friendly and do not drain the resources of your system and keep your computer cost down by being proactive, offering the best in virus and spam protection, providing secure offsite back-up and managed services.  Our services cost you a fraction of what you would spend to resolve problems, not to mention the cost to you in downtime and productivity.

When you are down with a problem, we provide fast resolutions.  Our experienced technicians avoid using “techno babble” so you have a clear understanding of your technology and services.