Residential Services

We provide true quality for your money. We always use quality components and customize your computer for your needs. Contact us for a free quote.

When you are down, we will get you up and running quickly, because we know how troubling and expensive down time can be.

Need more memory, more speed, greater storage capacity? We help your current computer meet your growing needs. Free evaluation lets you know if your computer can be upgraded and if it is worth it.

Need to update your mouse, keyboard, or monitor? Want to go wireless? Need an external hard drive or other component? Or a laptop battery replacement? Buy through us and find the right fit for your needs and equipment.

Set limits for your children and see where they have been and what they are doing and saying online.

Computers, networks, internet, software, hardware, viruses, and settings; all of these and more work together or don’t. Sometimes the most frustrating computer problems are the ones where you can’t pin down the source of the issue. Conflicts between components and not so helpful tech support pointing at each other as the source of the problem can stop you from getting anything working. Our skilled professionals can navigate these issues and break through the finger pointing to find and solve these problems. It is always good to know you have us on your side.

We set you up with offsite back-up to protect your valuable files easily and securely with no tapes or disks to change. For a low yearly fee you are protected from data loss. Professional setup and walk through assures that your files are protected.

We will help you find the software you need, whether a home or business application. We can install, setup, test, and troubleshoot your software. Never suffer with software that just doesn’t fit you or your system again.

The latest cutting edge technology in mobile internet. Take the internet with you cheaper and faster than ever before.

Lost your valuable files, pictures, information, and more? We know that nothing is as important, so we work to recover your lost items and protect you in the future with online offsite back-up.

Time to trash an old computer and you want to be sure that none of your private and sensitive information remains for someone to find? Identity theft is a real threat and so much of our lives are digital. Professional data destruction is a truly secure way to shield yourself.

Don’t let the viruses and spam slow you down or bring your computer to a grinding halt. We can clean infected machines fast, but protecting yourself is your best defense. Much of the virus and spam protection software out on the market today is a drain on your computer resources, slowing you down and often resulting in the protection being turned off. Our years of experience will give you protection that won’t slow you down and will be set up correctly for your needs. Running automatically in the background, updating regularly, and providing sound protection at truly competitive prices.

We can plan, install, and integrate your home theater components such as: surround sound, projectors, media center, flat screen TV’s, DVR’s, indoor/outdoor speaker systems, TiVo, Multi-function remotes, wiring, game systems, network integration, audio/video components, and more. Home theater systems have never been so complex. An expert can streamline your system and offer solutions, ideas, and the best options for your budget and needs.

We have partnered with Sonos for a unique and powerful way to take your digital music from your desktop to every room; controlled by a single remote from anywhere in your home. Start with a single or multi-room set up.

We design, install and implement systems to monitor and protect property and investments. Whether it is a single camera or multi camera or multi location project, we offer simple remote access to monitor from anywhere, anytime with digital recording storage and no tapes to change with indoor/outdoor tamper resistant cameras.

Never hassle with printers again, we will help you find the best printer for your needs and get it setup to print locally or over your network with no worries.